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Hania E. Grabowski is a Collaborative Family Law lawyer.

Collaborative Family Law is:

1. a cooperative and voluntary process. Both the lawyers and the parties acknowledge that the essence of the Collaborative Family Law Process is the shared belief that it is in the best interests of the parties and their families to avoid adversarial proceedings, to commit themselves to resolving their differences in a respectful manner and to work together to create solutions that meet the needs and interests of both parties and their children. Both the lawyers and the parties acknowledge that this process focuses on the future well-being of the parties and their children and relies upon the participants’ honesty, cooperation, integrity, trust and rapport.

2. the parties acknowledge that the goal of Collaborative Family Law is to maximize the settlement options for both parties, the ability of the parties to communicate and to minimize, if not eliminate, the negative emotional, social and economic consequences to the parties and their children of adversarial proceedings.

LINK: For more information on the Collaborative Family Law process and a listing of Collaborative Family Law lawyers in Ottawa and vicinity go to:

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