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This is a new service provided by Divorcemate Canada. This provides very simple, straight forward child and/or spousal support calculations which although very simple, only provide a "ballpark" for child and spousal support. Family law is extremely complex and there are many other factors and legal issues which are not considered by this calculator, and which could dramatically affect child and/or spousal support. Some factors/issues which are not considered by this calculator are referred to at the web page directly. This should be reviewed with your lawyer before any one relies on the calculations which are provided. You can visit the site by clicking this line:

Information about RESP plans can be found at:

Specific tax, legal and financial advice can be obtained from a financial planner, stockbroker, banker, lawyer and/or accountant. Other information sources include “how-to” financial planning guides available from bookstores or libraries.

The Canadian Department of Justice has just released a new resource online to help children cope with separation or divorce.  Resources for Children is a user friendly database, which lists over two hundred Canadian and international resources in the area of separation and divorce.  The Web site is useful for parents and for professionals who work with children affected by separation or divorce.  A brief description is provided for each resource which includes books, workbooks, videos, web sites and games.  There is also the option to view all resources available for a particular age group.  The Web site can be access by clicking the link below:

The site contains information on;

  • The types of abuse or violence that can occur in families;
  • Laws and other ways family violence is dealt with in Canada;
  • How to seek help;  and
  • What young people can expect when they seek help.

The site is intended for youth who are experiencing family violence or know of someone who is.  The site has age-appropriate material for two target groups: one for youth aged 10 to 12 and the other for youth aged 13 to 15.

For legal information related to separation and divorce:

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - This website has many articles on parenting matters

Informative websites from the major banks include:

The website at Human Resources Development Canada,, explains:

Canada Education Savings Grants
Canada Child Tax Benefit
Survivor Benefits
CPP and OAS Benefits
Disability Benefits
and more

COLLABORATIVEPRACTICEOTTAWA.CA, is a website provided by THE COLLABORATIVE LAW NETWORK, an Ottawa-based incorporated group of family law lawyers offering COLLABORATIVE FAMILY LAW services to separating and divorcing spouses. This site is designed to help you find out about and understand the process, help you see if it is right for you, and if it is, then help you get started.

CHEO’s Youth Net is a bilingual regional mental health promotion and early intervention program for youth, run by youth, throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. The objective is to increase the capacity of youth to develop and maintain good mental health, which is achieved through education, early intervention, and destigmatization. For more information about Youth Net and its programs, please contact Michelle Peterson, Youth Initiatives Coordinator, at (613) 738-3915 or

web site:

This site has information from the Canada Revenue Agency regarding:
-the Child Tax Benefit
-your Income Tax Returns

Web site:
This site contains the Federal Child Support Guidelines

Web site:
Parent Resource Centre Spring 2005

web site:
This site explains working with a lawyer when you buy a home. This information has been prepared by the Ontario Bar Association and The Law Society of Upper Canada.

This is our excellent Ottawa internet address for activities for singles, known as the Ottawa Valley Social Group

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